About Us

Who we are;
Since 2020, a luxury Spa located in Al-Sheik Zayed that offers a journey regarding your mind, body and soul in order to relax and stay beautiful inside out.
5spa is not only a place to heal and relax, but also a place for everyone to rejuvenate and feel their beauty in every detail, whether; you desire a soothing massage, а medical massage or a rejuvenating body wrap, our specialists will assist you in creating the perfect day spa experience. When it comes to beauty 5spa specializes in nourishing facials and other beauty services with all-natural beauty treatments using our special ingredients from 5Spa's line of creams, salts, soaps, scrubs and balms will leave you looking - and feeling - your best. 

Our Aim;
Our aim is to become an international brand known for its luxurious and exceptional services regarding massage and beauty, while insuring a magnificent client service with powerful natural ingredients that leaves you feeling extra special, and wanting to come back for more. Yet before that, we want to expand with branches all over Egypt.

The concept of 5:
The 5 in 5spa narrates the power of the 5 elements of nature as we support healing, relaxing and rejuvenating with natural 5spa's ingredients and methods that are used in the services such as medical and relaxing massages, also bathes in order to reach a very satisfying healthy outcome.
The 5 elements of Earth: Air, fire, sand, water and space.

Experience the magic of 5:
5 spa offers luxury experience with calm environment while delivering a premium service with and outstanding quality. Our clients always come back to 5spa to maintain the services provided by us from the first place as our medical massages for certain body injuries that are treated from some high qualified massage specialists. However, at 5spa we also specialize in therapeutic bathes such as Moroccan bath for clients who suffer acne or cellulite. Finally, our powerful facial techniques that are known to fight aging and keep your skin intact and healthy free of acne too.

Uncovering some beauty secrets:
Our spa does not just stop at what was mentioned previously we also tapped into the world of beauty specially for our female customers in order for them to feel more beautiful with our beauty services such as micro-blading & eye brows services, lip coloring and eye lashes extinctions.